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Because we know there is no better advertising than the image of our own projects, we’ll offer you a sample of our ability to serve customer needs and any problem relating to property.

  • Vertical Spirit

    Sports and recreational climbingSS
  • Image Service

    Laundry and dry ecological cleaning activitiesLL
  • Gatedoor Holdings

    Real estate investment fundRR
  • Restaurant Minis

    Real estateRR
  • Elgeka Ferfelis Romania

    Real estate investment fundRR
  • Club Fabrica

    Restaurant, club, bar - commercial activitiesRR

Column – Distressed Real Estate was founded in 2003 and its primary focus is on the management and development of industrial and commercial real estate assets, especially of distressed ones.

Our partnership philosophy is based on premium quality services with emphasis on integrity, transparency, results and, above all, professionalism.

The range of activities, based on extended real estate know-how, include real estate asset management, real estate appraisal, property management, real estate consultancy (including legal, fiscal, technical services), project management, real estate due diligence, solving conflicts, distressed assets, foreclosures and real estate auctions.

From our experience we came to see that the foundation of real estate work is the art of good communication and human relation management. We offer an unique responsibility level on all the aspects related to real estate management that makes it possible for the client to focus on his own objectives from the very first moment we take over the management of an asset.

We know that working in real estate is not only about knowledge, experience and professionalism but also about the accountability of value, of actions and of strategic vision.

Know how result oriented energies, this is what we offer.